It Has Been A While

Well, it has been a while since I did anything with this site. I really only used it for my school project. That being said, I’ve found myself going into game development, and this includes graphic design. I’ve realized that game development doesn’t just mean game development. Really, there’s no such thing as a skill in game development I find. In actuality, it’s an assortment of so many other skills, most of which, I was pleased to know, I was able to hone during my time at CAL. I really hope that CAL (The Center for Advanced Learning) is able to keep getting students to a point in their lives that they are prepared for whatever future they go into.

That was all I wanted to say, Johnathan Baune, whoever reads this can reach me at, or


Final KOR logo

So these are my final logo designs for the  King Of Roads project.

The reason I chose this logo is because, when I think of the HCRH the first thought that comes to mind is Multnomah Falls, however, this logo can represent either the waterfall, or a road going under a bridge, the simplicity is what makes it stand out.


Top 10 Logo Fails

1. Bad Logo 2This logo hurts the eyes to look at with its color effects.

2.Bad Logo 9 This logo has way to much detail and doesn’t have much of a point in general

3.Bad Logo 6 This logo just uses raster images and so even from afar the quality of the back image looks terrible.

4.Bad Logo 10This logo just has way too much detail which is not able to be scaled down to put onto a business card or similar.

5.Bad Logo 8Again, to much detail is used, this advertisement also relies on color which is a bad thing to rely on when designing a logo.

6.bad Logo 7Once again detail.

7.Bad Logo 1Though this ad relies on color the more major problem with it is how it looks in certain perspectives.

8.Bad Logo 4This as well with the way it can be looked at.

9.Bad Logo 3It’s simple but doesn’t describe much and can be considered inappropriate with its look.

10.Bad Logo 5 This is a simple logo but another problem with how some people may perceive this logo.


The good logo:

Good Logo


This logo is simple, it doesn’t use color and can be scaled down easily to fit multiple sizes whether large or small.