Photoshop Portrait Retouch

Today we learned how to use photoshop for what, I assume, it’s commonly used for. Photo retouching. This is my first try at doing anything like this but I think it turned out pretty decently.

Here’s before the┬áretouching


Here’s the effect after retouching:


The eyes did turn out abit whiter than intended but otherwise the rest looks pretty good.


Depth of Field









Depth of field is where pictures have a focused item at the front of the photograph with a blurred background.

So these are my depth of field photos I took. There were a lot and I still had cut some out as it was.

Action Shots

These are some pictures based on different types of action shots; freeze action, stop motion, and panning.

For the Freeze Action shot a high Shutter speed was necessary to get the action in motion.



For the motion blur shot a slow shutter speed to keep the cool effect of the shot.



For the panning shot there wasn’t too high or low of a shutter speed necessary for the shot, you only had to move with the subject.