Demo Reel For Game Development

So I just posted about my appreciation for CAL, or the Center for Advanced Learning, but I also wanted to post this, it’s pretty basic, but it’s my demo reel for video game development. I hope to improve it over time but right now I’m focused on improving my skills to better prepare me for when I delve into game development as a career.

My First Demo Reel


Here’s also a link to my other site, where I hope to make many-a-game for many-a-people:



It Has Been A While

Well, it has been a while since I did anything with this site. I really only used it for my school project. That being said, I’ve found myself going into game development, and this includes graphic design. I’ve realized that game development doesn’t just mean game development. Really, there’s no such thing as a skill in game development I find. In actuality, it’s an assortment of so many other skills, most of which, I was pleased to know, I was able to hone during my time at CAL. I really hope that CAL (The Center for Advanced Learning) is able to keep getting students to a point in their lives that they are prepared for whatever future they go into.

That was all I wanted to say, Johnathan Baune, whoever reads this can reach me at, or

Photoshop Portrait Retouch

Today we learned how to use photoshop for what, I assume, it’s commonly used for. Photo retouching. This is my first try at doing anything like this but I think it turned out pretty decently.

Here’s before the┬áretouching


Here’s the effect after retouching:


The eyes did turn out abit whiter than intended but otherwise the rest looks pretty good.

Depth of Field









Depth of field is where pictures have a focused item at the front of the photograph with a blurred background.

So these are my depth of field photos I took. There were a lot and I still had cut some out as it was.

Action Shots

These are some pictures based on different types of action shots; freeze action, stop motion, and panning.

For the Freeze Action shot a high Shutter speed was necessary to get the action in motion.



For the motion blur shot a slow shutter speed to keep the cool effect of the shot.



For the panning shot there wasn’t too high or low of a shutter speed necessary for the shot, you only had to move with the subject.